In-Mould Labelling (IML)

In-mould labelling (IML) describes a fully automated process in which the pre-printed IML film label is placed in the mould before the container is created. The label seamlessly fuses to the hot plastic material while it’s being moulded, combining the production and labelling processes and eliminating the need for post-mould labelling.

After curing, the container and the label become single water- and scratch-resistant piece. This process is more efficient than other labelling methods, leading to less waste and resulting in a product that is both durable and easily recyclable / regrindable.

Advantages of In-Mould Labelling

  • Lower cost than other other labeling methods.
  • No extra labeling step or post labeling, just ‘fill & seal’.
  • High quality print up to 6 colours, better than off-set or self-adhesive label print.
  • Eco-Friendly, 100% recyclable material, no extra labor like the self-adhesive label; need to remove the label before recycling.
  • Higher packaging line speed.
  • Better appearance and durability.
  • Significant reduction in label defects by application.
  • Resistant to product staining.
  • Improvement of side wall strength of a container up to 120%.
  • The label becomes a part of plastic buckets/tubs, therefore it allows buckets/tubs to flex and be squeezed without label separation.
  • Best performance of labeling, because IML is a part of a container wall. It cannot be peeled off as a self-adhesive label can.

Design & Packshots

Brand recognition is very important in most industries, as shoppers always look for their favourite products when browsing the shelves.  Our creative designers can put your artwork design on your desired buckets or tubs, so you can get to see the actual packshots before you begin with In-mould labelling (IML). Let our experts put your company logo and branding in a prime position.


Rooden plastics is fully accredited with FSSC22000 which is a systematic combination of ISO 22000 sector and food safety system’s additional requirements. Today, FSSC22000 is being applied to markets in all food manufacturing sector and wholesalers.

We believe that successful sales begin with quality and services, we have been supplying Plain or In-Mould labelled buckets and tubs to some of the blue-chip companies.


Our Warehouse team provides the service to held stocks on their behalf at our warehouse, as well as information on the status of outstanding stocks and orders. Orders can be placed on this system at any time. Our modern warehouse facility has storage capacity for 1000 pallets. This enables fast delivery of goods called off from our stocks.


Rooden plastics provides our customers with both the internal and external transport services that cover the whole of the South Africa & into Southern Africa, allowing us to economically offer shorter leadtime deliveries to all of our customers if required.