Our Markets

Rooden Plastics manufactures an extensive range of rigid packaging starting from food manufacturers for peanut butter, jam, yoghurt, ice cream, feta cheese and general FMCG products etc. We also have another separate production facility that manufactures the rigid buckets and pails for Paint and chemical industry.

We manufacture tailor made plastic packaging to suit your individual requirements, promoting your products and company name thereby enhancing your brand within the market place.


Looking for alternative packaging for peanut butter, fruit jam, honey, butter, margarine or mayonnaise? Maybe you should look into our full packaging solutions which will impress you on the shelves and at home on the table. The packaging is suitable for spreads with ability to hot-fill. Our In-mould labelling (IML) decoration makes the packaging more durable during the filling process and highly presentable at the supermarkets.

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Paint & Coatings

Searching for Buckets, for your paint and water based primer? Check out our Performance range buckets produced for heavy duty application. The range is especially designed to be robust, airtight while keeping it lightweight making it efficient and safe to transport and display.

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Detergents & Adhesives

Looking for suitable transparent, white or natural plastic buckets and tubs with variety of colour lids for your pine gel, contact adhesives, washing powder or any chemical related products? We offer full range of tamper-proof, liquid seal, stack enhanced buckets for your requirements. With many years of experience in this industry. We understand your packaging requirements and will continue to add support to all of our customers.

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General Foods & Catering

Whether it is olives, coconut oil , crushed garlic, mix nuts, archaar or biscuits. We take the packaging to the next level and continue to focus on research and development of new products whilst sharing our insights to our valuable customers.

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Dairy & Ice Cream

Whether it is for yoghurt, ice cream, feta cheese, or desserts. Rooden plastics ensures our packaging to be food safe and liquid tight while keeping it lightweight and functional solution. The world-class In-mould labelling (IML) decoration provides full unique experience for the consumers.

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